At Energy Renovators we believe that any home can become more efficient.  You just have know where to look and what to improve or replace.  A house should be considered as one system, and understanding how one improvement or alteration to a building may affect other building components, is a science. 

Energy Renovators follows a model of residential energy efficiency that initiates conservation first.  Conservation as a first step is the most important as it identifies where to begin reductions of a homes regular consumption of utilities and or energy.  Often this recognition of high incidences of energy consumption are a part of a habitual nature and very little thought is given to the efficiencies of household equipment or a building’s envelope. 

Strategic investment of new efficient products or retrofit activities will reduce the annual operational and energy costs, freeing up money within a households annual budget.  In most cases initial investments will be fractional of the base case scenarios of a homes energy consumption.  With strategic investments homeowners will often receive repayment of their original investment within months of implementation.

Not all renovations or retrofits have to be expensive.  At Energy Renovators we will help identify the best course of action to improving your homes energy consumption and personal comfort.